How can semantics benefit programmers and software developers? 

What are semantics? 

The term “semantics” refers to the process of deriving meaning from a collection of information, be it words, numbers, or symbols. This process is mainly used in linguistics to understand the meaning of a word or sentence and how it relates to the next. 

In computer science, the term semantics is used to describe the processes a computer follows when executing a program. This can be illustrated by describing the relationship between the input and output of data, or an explanation of how a program will be executed on a certain platform. In other words, semantic programming allows programmers to solve problems that traditional databases are not meant to solve. 

How can Al!se make programming easier? 

Al!se is a semantic programming platform that introduces technologies that exposes the unstructured content and associated metadata to users and applications in a structured way. Making it easy to get a complete picture of events, quickly. 

Al!se also implements the use of ontologies (set of concepts or categories and how these relate to each other) into its system, it allows users to integrate many different data sets into their models. Practically, this means that various users from different departments could interact with the same program and derive from it the information they need. In addition, the integration of multiple data sets into a program, not only simplifies its adoption by the end user, but also allows for new and unexpected applications to be developed. 

By using a semantic based program, like Al!se, programmers gain the ability to model a programme while they are writing it. Al!se allows for a more flexible and customizable programming experience.

Starting is easy with downloading the AL!SE-Starter-Package and get in contact with our Empowerment Team.


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