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Success Stories, Austria’s largest neutral platform in the field of concrete and construction, implemented the AL!SE solution to meet the specific requirements of their client base. With the help of the semantic data model, the platform was able to successfully provide easy retrieval and distribution of data, implement a licensed subscription model, and offer automated synchronization including offline mode. The solution was also coupled with a user-friendly interface, making it a valuable resource for the construction industry. Overall, AL!SE has greatly improved the platform’s ability to meet the needs of their target audience and is highly recommended.

AL!SE’s semCare solution has revolutionized mobile care for sick individuals and those in need of assistance. The digital software provides nursing staff with quick access to necessary patient data, uniform documentation, and efficient communication with the care team. The semantic data model also allows for secure administration of sensitive patient data and the implementation of various distribution structures. Overall, AL!SE’s semCare solution has greatly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of mobile care and is a valuable resource in the age of digitization.

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Companies spend millions of dollars and countless resources on data storage, but they often spend very little on the hardware that makes accessing that data fast and efficient.  In fact, the IDC found that employees spend on average 9.3 hours per week searching and collecting information. […]

Alise’s technology can help you quickly build apps that will make complex information accessible to all. Whether your project is to build a powerful chatbot, or make your CRM exponentially more powerful, Alise can help. Contact us at Canada@Alise.Systems to schedule a 30 minute demo!
How can semantics benefit programmers and software developers?  What are semantics?  The term “semantics” refers to the process of deriving meaning from a collection of information, be it words, numbers, or symbols. This process is mainly used in linguistics to understand the meaning of a word […]
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