Get started

Using ALISE-Components in a Demo Environment can be realized in various ways:

Var. 1 – As a µService on a Docker/Kubernetes-Platform

Find first information about the Aglaia-API and the conceptual background of Leto here:

The AL!SE-Millennium Docker images give you all the necessary services to power up with a single container and Start-Up with 1000 free Siles.

The semantic Server Leto and Aglaia, the API-Manager providing Access via HTTP/S JSON, are preconfigured and packaged for your quick&easy use in the official AL!SE Docker image available at:

Required Prerequisites

Install Docker following the official installation documentation:

Open your CLI/Terminal.

Pull/Run AL!SE/Millennium:

docker pull alisesystems/millennium:latest
docker run alisesystems/millennium:latest

If you want to use your own ontologies, you have to export the resources including all necessary ontologies into a dedicated folder (see the sample for a Windows System) and add your ontology into the beans.xml file.

docker run --name millennium -p 1180:80 -p 11443:443 -p 9995:9995 -p 11000:11000 --volume c:\alise\millennium\resources:/root/resources --volume c:\alise\millennium\logs:/root/logs -t alisesystems/millennium:latest


curl http://localhost:1180/api/application.wadl

If everythings works well, you will receive the APi-Descripion in JSON-format and you can interact with the ALISE-Server.

The easies way is to use IRIS at first hand, which can be dowloaded here

To call it programmatically from another service, pleas leap to the


In src/main/resources you can configure the following properties in order to make Apollon behave according to your intent:

server.port=${PORT:<Port-Number, e.g. 8080>}
api.server.protcol=<Server-Protocal, e.g. http>

api.server.url=<Server-URL, e.g. localhost:11000>

Var. 2 – Include in your smart JAVA-Project with Maven

ALISE Components can be included into JAVA-Projects by using Maven and requesting them from our repositori at:

For example insert this snippet into your pom.xml to include LETO into your JAVA-Project







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