Specific applications of AL!SE

Systemic and functional variability of AL!SE allows an extremely wide range of applications empowered by a semantic data model. In principle, this includes the optimization of all types of  information systems – regardless of
the type of content, processing or distribution.

AL!SE is used in a wide variety of industries with different contexts and requirements.

AL!SE in the construction industry

bautechnik.pro is Austria’s largest neutral platform in the field of concrete and construction. One of the main functions of the öbv is, as a connecting platform, to make the technical and research-related status quo available to all
members – in the form of guidelines, treatises, product reports and even shorter leaflets and information sheets. The general complexity of the research area to be conveyed faces an equally complex target group with a wide variety
of requirements.

So the task was as follows: How can a large amount of different data be made available to a target group with different requirements in such a way that everyone involved can get exactly the information they need quickly and easily
at any time?

The answer: AL!SE.

With the help of the semantic data model, the specific requirements of the client could be successfully met:

• Provisioning and easy retrieval of data

• Enabling a wide variety of distribution structures

• Implementation of a licensed subscription model

• Automated synchronization including offline mode

• Coupling with a user-friendly user interface

The solution not only encompassed all objectives, but thanks to the modular variability of the semantic data model, it could also be implemented in the shortest possible time and also enables future planned developments to be implemented
quickly and with a minimum of costs.



AL!SE in everyday mobile care

One of the future challenges facing society is to provide sick people and people in need of care with the help they need in everyday life.

The aging population in industrialized countries and the overburdening of state health systems – to name just two points – illustrate the absolute urgency of this issue. A shift of care to the private sector and the associated need
for mobile care options seem inevitable.

With semCare, AL!SE provides an innovative solution in the eHealth area. The digital software provides the nursing staff in mobile care with a convincing complete solution that includes a wide variety of aspects of everyday work and
makes it much easier:

• Quick insight into the necessary patient data

• Uniform patient and treatment documentation

• Sensible planning of everyday work and care

• efficient communication with the care team

• Secure administration of sensitive patient data

Thanks to the systemic openness of the data system, a wide variety of distribution structures (web-based and / or mobile client, app for relatives, etc.) could also be successfully installed.

Both examples make it clear that AL!SE thus represents an efficient solution for optimized data handling. This includes both …

• Search, storage and processing of data

• Establishing various distribution structures

• Safe handling and distribution of data

The semantic data model AL!SE thus meets the diverse requirements of sensible and efficient data handling in the age of digitization.



AL!SE transforms your data into information.

AL!SE creates meaning.

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