The development environment

AL!SE is a flexible framework that supports the development, creation and management of unlimited semantic data models. As a productive incubation environment, AL!SE enables extremely rapid realization and implementation of smart uses and applications. These individually configurable software solutions allow versatile and, above all, practice-oriented application options, especially in the field of data and information management.

The functional added value

Semantically designed solutions support controlled handling of data and information in many ways. This includes all levels and aspects of meaningful management:

  • the systematic management
  • the efficient processing
  • the controlled distribution

All these levels of data and information management can be made simpler and more efficient with semantic applications and can also be implemented quickly. The basis for this practice-oriented added value is the principle of linking:
the semantic relational logic. This relational logic forms the basis of the semantic AI concept and allows for smart, graph-based data structuring.

You can find more information about semantics and relational logic 
here .


The technical added value

The flexible framework allows the solutions developed to be adapted both to the content-related requirements of the objective and to the systemic requirements of the usage environment. The technical basis is characterized
by application-oriented variability and compatibility. This is made possible by the modular structure of the semantic framework. This includes individual micro-services that can be variably assembled depending
on the solution envisaged.

You can find more information about the modular structure and the individual solutions that can be implemented as a result 
here .


At the center are the 4 main modules of the semantic mind of Al!se: Aglaia, Hephaistos, Peripatos and Leto.

When we start from the top Aglaia is the interface manager. With all her grace (after all she is one of the three Graces) she communicates between the Al!se components and the outside word; translates between JSON, XML/RPC (until v2)
and the program.

Calls are secure transmitted via JSON Web Token (JWT – RFC 7519). You must verify a signature before storing and using it. The Web Token is returned from the server after successfully logging in, stored in the Clients Session Store
and deleted after terminating the session or a defined time (so it is necessary to request a new token if the session is terminated).

Hephaistos, the god of smithing, forges the information gathered from the other modules and controls the communication between them.

Further down we have Peripatos, the place of the great philosophical school of Aristoteles and unsurprisingly where the brain of the program is located. Here the AI uses statistical methods of probability and analyzes words and sentence
structures. The text is further enriched with semantic metadata.

The information is then saved and organized in the database Leto. The Database manages long term knowledge and delivers case based data. The ontologies, according to which the information is characterized, are customized depending
on the specific needs of the program.

On top of the main modules is Selene, the interface. Selene is browser based and therefore accessible anywhere. It is connected to the harvester and crawler Athena, which scans and analyzes local and web documents and collects data.
The main function of Selene is the dialogue/chat where questions are answered based on the learned information (scanned in Athena, connected in Hephaistos, analyzed in Peripatos and stored in Leto). The semantic AI will be able to
interpret the previously input data and more importantly understand its meaning. According to the information available, it can now make decisions and answer questions.

The semantic conclusion

The combination of functional and technical flexibility enables the development of individual data solutions that can meet the diverse demands of effective and modern data and information management. Individual solutions that realize individual progress.

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