About AL!SE

Almost all modern people collect, create and use immense amounts of data, documents, pictures and more.

All the information flows to and from various data pools and the management becomes more and more impossible. Indeed, you can store it in cloud-stores, fileserver or even a data warehouse, but in the long run, you end up on a data scrapheap with a huge number of separated documents, similar datasets or transformed data and document clouds generated in costly work. Eventually most of that is distributed to diverse systems and lots of information and relation is lost in translation. Ultimately, you invest additional effort in searching and guessing which document, contact or data you should work with, in the need of information for a project or an important decision. And is it shown in the appropriate way and context?
And sometimes you ask: How can I do my search faster and easier?
is the semantic framework. Enriching data with metadata, linking with sense and selecting stored or remote content by using learned knowledge structures. Semantic features help to choose or add the content on a fingertip: just select the proper link offered by the semantic analysis when text or even pictures are recorded. Similar to humans memory,
works with semantics, learns and shows relevant content: Meaningful meta descriptions and relations with semantic reasoning lead to faster findings.
is Cloud-Native and enables to realize smart applications that are interacting via REST-API. Developers have a strong fundation to build empowered smart/AI applications. 

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