What are Call Center CRMs ?

Call center customer relationship management (CRM) refers to a software tool that call center agents use to enhance the customer experience and increase efficiency.

Call center CRM systems store records about customers, such as account information and contact history. Agents use the information in CRM systems to personalize customer contacts and understand a customer’s history with the organization (Nice). For example, the CRM would keep record of a customer’s account history, like their start dates, payment history, etc. and it would also keep records of the customer’s interactions with the call center. For example, keeping notes of past calls, the issues, and resolutions, etc.  

All things considered, CRM allows companies to gather customer data swiftly, identify the most valuable customers over time, and increase customer loyalty by providing customized products and services (HBR, 2002). However, as most CRMs rely on segmentation analysis to achieve their goal. Meaning that the algorithm might omit key information, simply because it does not fit with the organization’s specific marketing goals. (HBR, 2002).

How can Alise help you make the most of your CRM functionalities ?

AL!SE introduces technologies that expose the unstructured content and associated metadata to users and applications in an structured way. In other words, Alise is able to integrate Natural Language Processing to other programs, including CRMs, in order to derive meaning from unstructured data. Similar to a human mind that is establishing connections between concepts and objects, AL!SE provides technology that allows organizations to replace traditional file systems with more user-friendly and intuitive systems.

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Practically , this means that Alise is able to analyze all the notes made in a client’s file over time, and generate a comprehensive summary of this information that easily conveys a complete image. The use of the technology will then allow call center agents to have a complete picture of a client’s file summarized in a way that will help them understand past issues and resolve new ones. 

The implementation of Alise in a call center context will improve operation and the effectiveness of customer service.

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